Image of the City of Regina

Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant

buffaloThe Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, constructed in 1954, provides safe, high quality drinking water to the cities of Regina, Moose Jaw and several smaller surrounding communities.

The plant has undergone 3 major capacity and process improvements since its original construction. The plant was one of the pioneers in the use of the GAC (granular activated carbon) filtration process for the removal of algae-produced taste and odour.

On average, the plant supplies over 70 million litres of treated water each day to Reginans.

Read the Buffalo Pound Water Administration Board 2010 Annual Report .

Read the Buffalo Pound Water Administration Board 2009 Annual Report .

Water sources

The primary source of water supply to the plant is Buffalo Pound Lake. This water is piped from the lake to the plant where it is treated.

Once treated, water is delivered from the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant to Regina through 57 km long pipelines. A second pipeline was completed in 2005 to:

  • Supply security in the event of problems on the original pipeline
  • Increase the maximum amount of water the plant can deliver to Regina
  • Eliminate the need to supplement Buffalo Pound water supply with well water which, in turn, allows homeowners to reduce the amount of salt used in their water softeners (wells had hard water)