Image of the City of Regina

Pay Online

Currently, the City website does not accept online payments; however, you can pay your utility bill using your financial institution’s online banking options.

The steps below will help you add your utility account as a bill to pay online at your financial institution:

  1. Contact your financial institution to set up an online account with them (if you haven’t already.) Your financial institution will tell you how to use and any special features associated with their online banking service and will explain any special features associated with it.
  2. Log on to your online banking account.
  3. Go to the web page where you can pay your bills online.
  4. Select the appropriate PAYEE choice. This choice varies between financial institutions. When you are searching for PAYEE for your water bill, use search criteria like “Regina”, “Water” and “utility”. Once you have selected the correct PAYEE choice, an online form should appear.
  5. On this online form, there will be a field where you can type in your 12 digit water utility account number. On your monthly utility bill, this number appears in the left-hand corner.
  6. Once you complete the online form, choose the submit button or hit the enter key to electronically submit your form to your financial institution.
  7. Once the account is set up online, follow your financial institution’s online procedures to pay your bill on their website.

Note: If the City assigns you a new utility account when you move, you will have to inform your financial institution of your new 12 digit utility account number. If you don’t, your payments will be applied to your old account/address.