TIPPS: Tax Installment Payment Plan Service

The Tax Installment Payment Plan Service (TIPPS) allows you to pay your taxes monthly with no additional charges. To participate, A catch-up payment may be required when signing up within the current tax year

To enrol

You can enrol in the program at any time during the year. However, a catch-up payment may be required when signing up within the tax year that is owing. The City must receive your application by the 15th of the month to be accepted for the following month.

To enrol, print off the TIPPS Application Form and send it in along with a "void" cheque to:

City of Regina "TIPPS" PO Box 5042 Regina, SK S4P 3M3

Date funds are withdrawn

Withdrawals are made on the first business day of each month. Payments are adjusted in July, after the new mill rate is set.

If any payments are missed, the City may remove you from TIPPS and request payment of the total outstanding taxes, plus penalties.

Changing your banking information

If you wish to change the account used for your TIPPS payment, print off the
TIPPS Banking Information Change Form  and send to City Hall. The City must receive your written notice before the 15th of the month to take effect the following month.

Your written notice must include a "void" cheque from the new account (or other verification if it is not a chequing account.) You can provide this information by either:

  • Dropping it off at the Ambassadors Desk on the main floor of City Hall
  • Mailing it to "TIPPS", PO Box 5042, Regina, SK, S4P 3M3

Withdrawing from TIPPS

You can withdraw from TIPPS by giving written notice 2 weeks prior to the next scheduled payment (by the 15th of the month) to the Property Taxation & Administration Branch. To withdraw, print out the TIPPS Cancellation Form and send to the address listed above.

Moving to a new house

TIPPS participation is not transferable if you sell your home.

You must withdraw from the TIPPS program for your old property and complete a new application to enroll your new property on TIPPS. TIPPS payments are non-refundable.

For more information, call Service Regina at 306-777-7000.