Key Budget Facts

The City’s 2017 proposed Budget continues to build for the future, investing in community priorities essential to Regina’s continued growth. The Budget goals were clear and straight-forward:

  • Maintain services and service levels
  • Continue to invest in infrastructure renewal
  • Manage growth efficiently and effectively
  • Leverage third party funding from the provincial and federal governments
  • Maintain affordability for Regina residents

How much will the proposed mill rate increase cost homeowners?

The proposed Budget includes a 3.18% municipal mill rate increase plus an additional 1% dedicated to the renewal of residential roads. The average homeowner with an assessed value of $300,000 will pay an additional $8.48 a month in property taxes to support and maintain all city services.


How does Regina's mill rate compare to our neighbours?

Even with this proposed increase, Regina will remain one of the most afforable places to live in Canada.