The 2017 Budget builds for the future by investing in community priorities for Regina’s continued growth.

Goals were straight-forward;

  • maintain services and service levels
  • continue to invest in infrastructure renewal
  • manage our growth efficiently and effectively
  • maintain affordability for Regina residents

The Budget includes a 3.99 increase to the mill rate. For a resident with a home assessed at $300,000, property taxes will increase by $8.09 per month. This does not include education taxes which are set by the provincial government and collected by the City on its behalf.

2017 Budget Highlights:

  • Roadway network improvements, including $7.5 million for residential streets, $18 million for major arterial streets and $6 million to renew bridges;
  • Record investment of $9.3 million in snow clearing;
  • Regina Police Service operating funds of $84.5 million;
  • Fire and Protective Services operating funds of $42.6 million
  • Transit and paratransit enhancements, including $8.3 million to replace 13 transit and six paratransit buses and $2.9 million for bus shelters, service and technology improvements. This initiative is jointly funded with the federal government.