Apply for a Residential Building Permit

The City of Regina has prepared project checklists within each submission package that you can follow to ensure your application is properly filled out. Select the project link in the menu on the right for specific information related to your building project. (Note:  We are working to update all project information on our website; however, not all project checklists are currently available online. Contact us at 306-777-7000, if you require further information or assistance.)

For most projects, you will need to include the following with your application for a builiding permit unless otherwise specified:

    • Building permit application 
      • The application must be signed by the legal owner of the property, as well as the applicant.
    • Two sets of all required documents, including, but not limited to, the following information:
      • Site Plan
        • drawn to scale with metric dimensions (site plan only)
        • identify lot dimensions where the building will be located
        • list the position, height, and horizontal dimensions of all buildings that exist or are to be constructed on the lot
        • note the elevations of the building
      • Floor Plans
        • drawn to scale
        • show the plan of each floor or building that identifies the use of each room
      • Cross Sections
        • showing construction of walls, roof and floor, including insulation
      • Mechanical and electrical drawings, where required
      • Ventaliation summary of desgin

See specific project area in the menu on the right for a complete list of requirements.

  • Permit fee: Refer to the building fee schedule to determine the amount. If writing a cheque, make it payable to the “City of Regina”.
  • Architect’s or Engineer’s Seal: If your project requires a foundation plan, you must have it stamped by an engineer or architect (excluding accessory building plans), licensed in the province of Saskatchewan.
  • Any other information, zoning permissions, permits or plans required under law.

For information on water meter installation and regulation, contact 306-777-7000.

Submit your application

You can submit the package containing your building permit application between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays (holidays excepted) by visiting:

Development Services, 9th Floor, City Hall, 2476 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK Phone: 306-777-7000

The City will review your applications and will check to see if it meets all building, heritage, zoning, landscaping, engineering, environmental, disposal, assessment, open space and utility regulations and/or bylaws.

Permit Timelines

We are currently processing and approving residential permits in 14 working days. (Note: This does not include the additional time required when revisions are made by the applicant or the permit is on hold waiting for further information.)

You can help improve process times by:

  • submitting a complete application with all required documentation
  • providing the correct number of copies of all documentation accompanying the application. (Refer to Permit Fees for photocopying fees.)

Residents are reminded that they must bring photo ID in order to receive a visitor's pass to enter the City Hall tower.