Residential Building Inspections

The building owner or contractor is responsible for arranging building inspections. Construction may not proceed until the previous inspection has been passed. 

To book an inspection:

  1. Call 306-777-7000 and request a residential building inspection. Inspections must be
    booked by 3 p.m. the day before. When scheduling your inspection, you will need to provide the following information:
    • Name of the person requesting the inspection
    • Contact phone number and name of the person who will be on site for the inspection
    • Builder name
    • Address of the inspection
    • Type of inspection and stage
    • Permit number
  2. The inspection will be booked for either morning or afternoon. On the day of your inspection, the Residential Building Inspector will call the contact number provided between 8 and 8:30 a.m. to confirm the appointment and type of inspection, and arrange an approximate time for the on-site inspection.

During the inspection:

  • The building owner, contractor or designate must be on site for the inspection.
  • A copy of the approved stamped plans must be made available on site for the inspector’s use during the inspection.
Type of ProjectMinimum # of InspectionsWhen to call for a Residential Building Inspection
Single Family Dwelling/New Home 5 Foundation – Re-bar, prior to concrete pour
Prior to backfill – After subfloor has been installed
Framing – after rough in plumbing but prior to insulation
Insulation – after vapour prior to drywall
Final – once all safety items are in place prior to occupancy
Basement Development/Secondary Suite 3 Framing – after rough in plumbing prior to insulation
Insulation – after vapour prior to drywall
Final – once safety items are in place
4 Foundation – prior to Backfill
Framing – after rough in plumbing prior to insulation
Insulation – after vapour prior to drywall
Final – once all safety items are in place
Detached Garage/Accessory Building 2 Framing – Doors and windows are in place, prior to any interior finishing
Final – once all work complete
Decks 2 Framing – Once supporting structure is in place ie: posts, beams etc.
Final – once all guards and handrails are complete
Demolition 1 Final – all buildings removed and site cleaned up
Foundation Repair 1 Final – repair completed and prior to covering

Once the inspection is complete, the representative of the property owner/contractor/applicant will sign the inspection form and receive a copy. This copy of the inspection provides the all-clear to continue with construction or notes any deficiences that need to be addressed prior to passing that inspection stage. If a re-inspection is required, this will be noted on the inspection form.


Frequently Asked Questions


Mechanical Inspections

Mechanical inspections can be scheduled the same day. After a permit has been issued, the permit applicant or contractor may phone 306-777-7292 between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., and speak to a mechanical inspector.

Mechanical Inspections include:

  • Plumbing - work must be completed and called in by a Journeyperson with a Certificate of Qualification issued pursuant to section 29 of The Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Regulations; or a company that employs one or more certified Journeyperson(s)
  • Residential and commercial ventilation
  • Water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer pipe installation on private property (not city property)
  • Final residential and commercial completion inspections
  • Backflow prevention devices identified in the permit application