Smoking Bylaw 2017

Outdoor smoking - new bylaw takes effect July 15, 2017

The City has approved a new smoking bylaw which governs where smoking is and isn’t allowed.

The City of Regina thanks all residents, businesses and organizations for taking the time to share your thoughts about the outdoor smoking bylaw. We had the highest ever number of completed online surveys– over 9,400!

Your feedback was important. It led to the changes which reflect the majority of opinions the City received through its online survey. Review the survey results. There will be no smoking and vaping allowed on all city-owned public sapces that are not roads or sidewalks. In addition, smoking and vaping will be prohibited on outdoor seating areas of restaurants, bars and similar establishments.

The feedback we received recommended higher restrictions on smoking outdoors. The top concern raised by residents during public engagement was public health, particilarly exposing children.

Residents also felt Regina is lagging behind other municipalities on outdoor smoking. Our updated smoking bylaw puts Regina ahead of many other cities, particularly regarding vaping and e-cigarettes.

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  1. Prohibits smoking and vaping on outdoor seating areas of restaurants, bars and similar     establishments
  2. Prohibits smoking and vaping on all City-owned or controlled land. This includes city owned facilities like playgrounds, spray pads, swimming pools, skating rinks, skate parks, dog parks, exercise facilities, track facilities, outdoor stadiums and sports facilitiies, hard surface courts and athletic fieids. It also includes parks and open spaces, multi-use pathways, golf courses within City limits and plazas. It does not include roads or sidewalks.
  3. Prohibits smoking and vaping within a 10 metre buffer zone of entrances, windows and air exchanges of public buildings
  4. Prohibits vaping in enclosed public places where smoking is prohibited under The Tobacco Control Act
  5. Has an exemption consistent with The Tobacco Control Act in relation to outdoor traditional spiritual and cultural ceremonies
  6. Has an exemption for teaching and testing devices in a vape retail store



What is the impact on me and my family? Will smoking be allowed around my children?

The City listened to residents’ feedback and the changes mean higher restrictions on smoking outdoors. Smoking and vaping will be prohibited on all City-owned and operated public spaces that are not roads and sidewalks. Smoking and vaping is also prohibited on outdoor seating areas of restaurants, bars and similar establishments. These changes come into effect July 15, 2017.

Will smoking be allowed on decks and patios of private businesses?

No, it will not.  Effective July 15, 2017, smoking and vaping is prohibited on outdoor seating areas of restaurants, bars and similar establishments.

Why is the City of Regina regulating smoking when a provincial Tobacco Control Act exists?

The province’s Tobacco Control Act provides a comprehensive prohibition of smoking in indoor public areas, but does not regulate smoking in outdoor public areas such as parks, decks, patios and sports fields or emerging smoking-related activities such as vaping. Provincial legislation permits municipalities to pass bylaws that provide an enhanced set of rules governing smoking which reflect expectations of the community.

Tobacco is an important part of traditional Aboriginal spiritual, cultural practices and ceremonies for Canada’s Indigenous Peoples. Will these important observances be impacted?

No, they will not. The changes allow the use of smoking in religious and cultural observances.

Some consider vaping less harmful than smoking tobacco. Why is the City treating them the same as tobacco products?

The majority of public input we received indicated that e-cigarettes should be treated the same as cigarettes. There are public health concerns associated with vaping, particularly the appeal of e-cigarettes and unregulated flavoured e-liquids amongst youth. We heard the voices of businesses who sell these products and also residents who use them, so the new bylaw provides an exemption to allow testing of vaping products in retail stores.