Image of the City of Regina

Locate a Loved One

Search the cemetery database by last name or burial date. The database will display resting places matching your search criteria.

Record the plot's location. Once you have found your loved one’s record in the cemetery database, write down the letters and numbers listed on the right-hand side of that row. The block-plot-lot information represents the “address” to locate your loved one and is specific to each cemetery.

View the location on a map. Printable maps for Regina Cemetery or Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery display the sections found at each cemetery (the first number of the 'address' you recorded). The detailed map at the entrance to the Regina Cemetery identifies the location of each grave by block-plot address.

To locate a loved one at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery, provide staff at Cemeteries Administration Office at Riverside with the block-plot-lot address. Staff will direct you to the exact location.

A QR code can also be found on cemetery signage to scan from your mobile device for direct access to the online database.

Can’t locate your loved one?

If you cannot find your loved one in our searchable database or the information displayed is incorrect, contact Cemeteries Administration.

Note: Some personal information as defined by the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIP), has been removed from this database since personal information like date of birth or date of death cannot be released publicly until 25 years after the death of that person. In other cases, the City has no records with this information.