Preplan Your Burial Arrangements

Pre-planning your funeral and burial (also referred to as interment) has many benefits:

  • It lessens your family’s stress of making decisions during a very emotional time.
  • It allows you to research and choose the options you want for your funeral and interment.
  • It allows you to control costs since you will determine how little or much you want to spend.

There are several ways to approach pre-planning. You can work with a local funeral home to plan both the funeral and burial or you can arrange to purchase your final resting place and make arrangements for the interment by working with the staff at the Cemeteries Administration Office.

Interment options

Whether you are working with Cemeteries staff or the funeral home to pre-plan your burial, you will be asked questions about:Outdoor columbarium

  • Whether to choose a traditional or cremated remains burial This choice will influence the options available to you for the interment and type of memorial.
  • The desired location of your final resting place If you wish, you can personally select the plot or niche where you will be placed. Cemetery staff will take you to view possible locations.
  • The amount you wish to spend Different costs apply depending on what choices you make. Contact the Cemeteries Office for a list of current fees and charges.

Deferred payment plan

When you purchase your plot, niche or interment through the Cemeteries Administration Office, you can ask about the City of Regina’s interest-free deferred payment plan. (Some restrictions apply.)

The plan allows you to pay 25% of the total costs and the administrative fee at the time you pre-plan. You have 12 months to pay the balance.