Learn the Organizational Structure

Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

The City Manager may delegate decision making authority to the Executive Leadership Team.
ELT members are:

  • Chris Holden, City Manager & Chief Administrative Officer
  • Ian Rea, Chief Financial Officer
  • John Paul Cullen, Executive Director, Organization and People
  • Karen Gasmo, Executive Director, Transportation & Utilities
  • Diana Hawryluk, Executive Director, City Planning & Development
  • Kim Onrait, Executive Director, City Services
  • Jim Nicol, Chief Legislative Officer & City Clerk
  • Byron Werry, City Solicitor & Executive Director, Legal Services

The Executive Leadership Team makes its decisions and recommendations to Council based
on alignment with the organization’s mission:

The City of Regina contributes to its citizens’ quality of life by providing
services and infrastructure at a level and of a quality that is sustainable.