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Proposed Development

The City of Regina is constantly reviewing a variety of developments. The list below is updated monthly with applications for development that may be happening in your neighbourhood.

File # Address Description Status
17-CL-03 625 & 715 Dewdney Avenue Partial Road Closure Under Review
1914, 1920 & 1924 Halifax Street
Zoning Bylaw amendment to Contract Zone. Proposed Multi-Residential. Committee and Council Review
17-Z-08 2501 Tower Road (Anaquod Road) Zoning Bylaw Amendment for park development. Under Review
17-Z-09 Industrial Zones Zoning Bylaw Amendment. Religious Institutions in Industrial Zones Under Review
17-Z-10 / 17-CP-03 SomerSet Neighbourhood Concept Plan and Zoning Bylaw Amendment. New neighbourhood development. Under Review
17-Z-11 Chuka Creek Business Park Zoning Bylaw Amendment, Chuka Creek Phase 1 Under Review
17-Z-12 / 17-DU-10 Capital Crossing Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Discretionary. Proposed Special Care Home and Senior Assisted Living. Under Review
17-DU-05 The Towns - Parcel H Discretionary Use. Proposed Residential (Planned group of dwellings). Under Review
 17-DU-08 Capital Crossing Discretionary Use. Proposed Carwash, Convenience Store and Gas Bar Under Review
 17-DU-11 1055 Park Street Discretionary Use. Proposed Licensed Restaurant. Under Review
 16-CZ-07 1505 Saskatchewan Drive Contract Zone. Proposed extension for surface parking. Under Review
 15-DU-27  4501 Armour Road Discretionary Use. Proposed Re-Approval for Shopping Centre. Committee and Council Review

To be notified when one of these developments goes to Regina Planning Commission (RPC) or City Council, submit an Online Request Form to the City Clerks office indicating the File number from the table above in your request.

View Proposed and Approved Neighbourhood Plans for Secondary, Neighbourhood or Concept Plans under review.