Garbage Collection

Waste Plan - back alleyConverting the back alley garbage containers

To improve garbage collection efficiency, the City is phasing out shared alley garbage containers. We have been using these containers for about 25 years, and each year it becomes more difficult to find suppliers who are able to replace the trucks required to dump the containers. By the spring of 2013, we will have replaced all shared back alley containers with individual garbage rollout carts.

This will improve service by:

  • Giving each household its own dedicated garbage container
  • Reducing overfill in shared containers
  • Improving the efficiency of garbage collection

If you have a back alley container, you will receive advance notice and directions on how to use your new rollout cart. Most residents who have shared back alley containers will need to place their rollout carts in the back alley. Residents will be notified in advance whether to place their carts in the alley or on the street.

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More space for the landfill

In 2011 we built a new landfill adjacent to the current landfill to accommodate future City growth. The new landfill opened the summer of 2012, and we expect it to last 20 years. Our new recycling program will enable us to divert waste from the landfill and will increase the life expectancy of the landfill. The cost of running a landfill is steadily increasing, so every kilogram of garbage we divert results in a more sustainable community.

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A safe plan for household hazardous waste

Our renewed waste plan will include a new strategy to deal with household hazardous waste. Whether it’s a permanent drop-off facility or regular collection days, we will make sure residents can safely dispose of their hazardous materials.