As millions of Syrians continue to be displaced due to conflict in their home country, the Government of Canada will work with Canadians to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees.

The City of Regina is pleased to support the Regina Open Door Society (RODS) and the community to help newcomers settle into our city and ensure they get the best possible start in Regina. RODS is a non-profit organization that provides settlement and integration services to refugees and immigrants in Regina.

The first Syrian refugee family of 3 arrived in Regina on Monday December 21, 2015. The Regina Open Door Society (RODS) with the support of dedicated staff and partners have been welcoming newcomers to Regina. The settlement process is running smoothly and refugees are moving into permanent accommodations within a couple days of arrival. 






refugee3Mayor Michael Fougere was proud to see Reginans lined up at YQR - Regina International Airport to welcome our city's first Syrian refugee arrivals. This family of newcomers has spent three years in a refugee camp in Jordan waiting for their lives to change. He hopes that receiving an incredibly warm welcome from the many Regina citizens wanting to show that we are a caring, welcoming community will be the start of something better for them. A huge thanks to the Regina Open Door Society for doing so much legwork to make their arrival as comfortable as possible.