Open Government

The City of Regina strives to make information more readily available to the public through its Open Government Program. Open Government consists of three pillars: Open Data, Open Information and Open Engagement.

We are interested in your feedback. Please send comments, suggestions or questions to

Open Government Data Catalogue

The Open Data Catalogue is a “self-serve” portal that makes City data and information available to download and view in different formats. If you have any questions or concerns with the records or information provided in this catalogue please contact us at

Open Data 

The catalogue tool allows you to do simple data analysis, mapping and chart creation.
Information gathered from the City of Regina Open Data Catalogue can be used to develop applications. If you developed an app using our data, let us know and we can share it. Take a moment and check out the apps already developed

Open Information

The City of Regina proactively discloses internal records that are likely to be of interest to the general public as well as records that have been requested through the Freedom of Information process, that are deemed to have public value in their wider release. All records provided through Open Government are managed in accordance with The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act .  For more information on privacy and access to information click here or contact .

Open Engagement

Open Engagement provides the public with a platform for open dialogue. The City of Regina uses YouTube, Facebook , and Twitter  to provide up-to-date and relevant information to citizens. Citizens can also comment, post and interact with us using these tools.

Open Government Licence – City of Regina

The Open Government Licence is based on version 2.0 of the Open Government Licence – Canada, developed through public consultation and collaborative efforts by provincial and federal governments. Changes to the Canada licence include: jurisdiction, name of the public body, and unique references to Open Data and Open Information which are pillars of the City of Regina's Open Government Program.