Use the City's Multi-Use Pathways

Children riding bikes on bike pathEveryone comments on Regina’s beautiful pathways and park systems. Experience the beauty for yourself by using the many multi-use pathways and bicycle routes that criss-cross Regina.

Multi-use Pathway System

Cyclists, walkers, runners, skateboarders, roller skaters/bladers and skiers all use Regina’s multi-use pathway system.

You can download a printable map of the multi-use pathway system or you can refer to the table below to find your nearest multi-use pathway:

North Storm Channel Pathway
Doiron - Dorothy (Venture) 1.0 km
Dorothy Street - 7th Avenue North 1.1 km
7th Avenue North - McCarthy Boulevard 0.6 km
McCarthy Boulevard - McIntosh Street 1.0 km
McIntosh Street to Arthur Street 0.4 km
Arthur Street - 2nd Avenue North 0.4 km
Devonian Pathway
Ritter Avenue - McCarthy Boulevard 1.4 km
McCarthy Boulevard - Dewdney Avenue 0.8 km
Dewdney Avenue - 13th Avenue 2.0 km
13th Avenue - Lewvan Drive 1.0 km
Lewvan Drive - Albert Street 2.6 km
Pilot Butte Creek Pathway
Assiniboine Avenue - Arcola Avenue 1.1 km
Arcola Avenue - Truesdale Drive 0.3 km
Truesdale Drive - Arens Road 0.7 km
Fines Drive - McVeety Drive 1.1 km
Wascana Centre Pathway
Albert Street - Broad Street 2.0 km
Broad Street North - Highway #1 Bypass 3.5 km
Broad Street North - Broad Street South (west lake loop) 4.0 km
South Storm Channel Pathway
Lakeview Avenue - Parliament (Phase 1)          0.8 km
Other individual pathways
Wascana View Pathway 2.4 km
Richmond Place/Prince of Wales to Assiniboine 1.8 km
Around Rochdale Lake 0.8 km
Lakewood Lake Pathway 0.6 km
Parkridge Park 0.5 km
Patricia Park and Pony Park 1.6 km

Prince William Park (Arens Road south, around the west side of the lake, exiting at the corner of Woodhams Drive and Buckingham Drive)

1.1 km

On-Street Bicycle Routes

These routes provide an environmentally friendly transportation alternative. Share the road with other cyclists and motorists when you see an on-street bicycle route:

  • "Shared" lanes provide wider lanes for parked vehicles and cyclists.
  • "Bicycles only" lanes provide dedicated lanes for cyclists that are similar to bus lanes.

On-street bicycle routes are located at:

  • Broad Street/Wascana Parkway between Lakeshore Drive and Research Drive
  • Assiniboine Avenue from Park Street to 100m E of University Park Drive
  • McCarthy Boulevard from Brunskill Place to Whelan Drive
  • Smith Street from Victoria Avenue to College Avenue (one-way)
  • Lorne Street from College Avenue to Victoria Avenue (one-way)