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Farmland for Lease

Request for Hay License Submission Guidelines

1. Sealed offers must be provided in writing on the attached Form HLL.

2. Offers will be evaluated beginning December 1, 2017. To be considered in the initial review, please have your offer submitted to the City of Regina Real Estate Branch prior to 2 p.m., Friday, December 1, 2017. The Request for Offers will remain open until all lands are licensed.

3. Form HLL must be completed in its entirety including an expiry date not less than 30 days from the date of your offer.

4. Locations for license are as follows:

a) OFFERING #1 – 2 locations at Kings Park (portion of the SE 13-18-19 W2M -approximately 52 acres, N ½ 7-18-18W2M – on the north side of the creek approximately 81 Acres, lands have been hayed in 2017. They are marked as OFFERING #1.

b) OFFERING #2 – various locations at Kings Park (portion of the SW 13-18-19 W2M – approximately 40 acres, NW 12-18-19 W2M – 23 acres. These locations were not hayed in 2017. They are marked as OFFERING #2.

c) OFFERING #3 – 1101 E Assiniboine Avenue - Approximately 58 Acres - (portion of NE, NW and SW 9-17-19 W2M) – requires travel permits for equipment to and from the license location along Assiniboine Avenue. Hay must be cut and removed after August 1, 2018. They are marked as OFFERING #3.

d) OFFERING #4 – 2000E 9th Avenue - Approximately 50 Acres - a portion of the NE 4-18-19 W2M. These lands were hayed in 2017. This is marked as OFFERING #4.

5. All offers shall be on a cash per tonne (or bale weight equivalency) basis.

6. The License term shall be for the 2018 to 2022 farming seasons.

7. The Licensee will be responsible for all costs associated with haying the lands.

8. The Licensee is responsible to meet all requirements for haying near waterways, to take actions that protect migratory birds during their nesting season and to have all required permits for transporting equipment to and from the Offering locations. The Licensee shall provide evidence of permitting if requested.

9. The Licensee will be responsible to arrange access on and off the property and must ensure that their equipment will fit through gates/entrances. The City is not responsible to create or widen accesses to accommodate the planned equipment to be used.

10. The Licensee will provide a certificate of insurance in the amount and coverage as required by the formal license agreement with the City named as a co-insured.

11. The Licensee will provide an emergency response plan in case of an environmental spill or fire.

12. Property taxes shall be the responsibility of the City of Regina.

13. Form HLL must be accompanied by a deposit (certified cheque or money order) in an amount of Five dollars ($5.00) per acre. Deposits will be returned to unsuccessful bidders.

14. Enquiries regarding this property should be directed to:

Doug Cavers
Manager of Business Development, Real Estate

15. Your offer must be marked as HAY LICENSE on the outside of a sealed envelope, delivered to the following address:

City of Regina Real Estate Branch
Attn: Real Estate Manager
14th Floor, City Hall
P.O. Box 1790
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 3C8

16. If the City of Regina accepts your offer, you will be required to execute a formal "License Agreement", a sample of which is attached as "Schedule A".

17. Please review the License Agreement (Schedule A) carefully before submitting an offer.

18. All information about the Property supplied by The City of Regina is for guidance only, and the City of Regina is not responsible for errors or omissions in that information. In submitting an offer, you should rely entirely upon your own personal inspection or knowledge of the Property, independent of any representation made by or on behalf of the City of Regina. All land being offered in these hay licenses is in an "as is" condition, with irregular land surface, no specified quality or quantity of hay indicated and may have foreign materials or hazards to baling equipment. The City of Regina will not be held responsible for damage to equipment.

19. The City of Regina will review all offers, and will select the one most advantageous to The City of Regina.

20. The City of Regina will not be responsible for: (a) any costs you incur in preparing your offer or in negotiating and documenting the license of the Property, or, (b) any costs related to the operation of cutting, baling and transporting the hay.


Doug Cavers
Manager of Business Development, Real Estate
City Hall
2476 Victoria Avenue
P: 306-550-2958