Construction Projects

Road construction projects take place on various expressways, major and collector roadways throughout Regina. Work includes water/sewer/drainage repairs or improvements, concrete replacement or repair and/or repaving. Which projects we work on are determined through our annual budget process.

Residential Renewal Program is funded through an annual one per cent mill rate increase dedicated to residential streets, as well as 25 per cent of the Street Infrastructure Renewal Program. This work on local, residential streets falls under three categories:

  1. Thin lift – localized failures are repaired and the streets repaved.
  2. Rehab – sidewalks, curbs and gutters are repaired or replaced to improve drainage and pedestrian safety, streets are milled which means top layers of old, worn asphalt is removed and then repaved.
  3. Rebuild – water/wastewater repairs, complete concrete replacement, road surface is rebuilt and paved.

Maintenance projects such as fixing sidewalks and isolated residential streets, City-owned parking lots, as well as trench settlements - which is when previous water line replacements have settled and need to be built up, take place throughout the community each year.

Bridge construction work includes replacements and repairs, as well as maintenance including bridge cleaning and sealing to preserve the bridges, resurfacing and maintenance.

Traffic signal projects include installing new traffic and pedestrian signals, and upgrading existing signals.

Paved Alley reconstruction is done on a ten-year rotation and funded by a special tax levy dedicated to alley maintenance.

Various wastewater projects are undertaken each year to help maintain and improve the City’s domestic sewer and storm water systems. In addition to various spot repairs to the domestic and storm water that don’t require excavating pipe and sewer cleaning and closed circuit TV inspections, the City plans other projects.

The City will undertake a number of projects to improve drainage during spring runoff and rain events.

In addition to the water system improvements completed in conjunction with road construction, a number of stand-alone water construction projects will take place.