Granular Material Sales

The City of Regina offers various recycled granular materials for purchase to both contractors and the general public. All customers will be required to arrange their own hauling of the material.

The materials available are:

Crushed Concrete: Our crushed concrete is a granular base material made from recycled concrete.  It can be used as a base for under concrete, asphalt, gravel road maintenance, and parking lots.  

Crushed Concrete mixed with subbase: Our crushed concrete mixed with subbase is the same as crushed concrete with some added fines to make compaction of the material easier.

Crushed Asphalt Concrete: Our Crushed Asphalt Concrete is made from recycled asphalt.  Asphalt is crushed, screened and blended with other aggregate to create a granular base.  It can be used for a base under asphalt, gravel road maintenance, and parking lots.

Cold Planings (millings): These are from when a machine grinds off a layer of asphalt so a new layer can be placed.  This material is commonly used for gravel road maintenance, gravel road dust suppressant (when applied correctly), and parking lots.  

Coarse Concrete: This is a 1”-4” crushed concrete.  It is not a gradation controlled material.  This material is a good material for rip rap applications, or base for sub-grade as it’s size and shape are ideal for creating a solid base for other materials to be placed on top.