Spring Street Sweep

The 2017 Spring Street Sweep has begun

April and May Sweep Schedule

City crews are picking the leaves up to keep our streets clean, clear catch basins and reduce any drainage issues.

During the spring street sweep, parking will be restricted so our crews can get to the curbs and parking lanes. Residents are advised to watch for and adhere to the no-parking signs. Parking in a no-parking zone means that vehicles could be ticketed $100 and towed.

Residents can find more information about the spring leaf pick up and the schedule by calling 306-777-7000.

Spring Street Sweep Map

Locations to be swept today


April 25
Walsh Acres



Locations to be swept this week

April 26
Westhill & Fairways West
Normanview West Addition

April 27
Normanview West

April 28
City View
Churchill Place
Churchill Downs