GRANTS - Community Investment Grants Program

Community Investment Grants Program Overview - 2017


To improve quality of life and contribute to achieving Regina’s vision of becoming Canada's most vibrant, inclusive, attractive, sustainable community, where people live in harmony and thrive in opportunity.


To fund and partner with community non-profit organizations to deliver programs, projects and services that align with the City’s priorities, have a clear community impact and respond to community needs.


Choosing a Funding Stream - Organizations are invited to apply for funding under a stream (culture, social development or sport & recreation) that is most relevant to their organization’s core operations or initiative. City staff will assist applicants with identifying the most relevant stream for their application.

STream Priorities


Social Development

Sport & Recreation

·   Preserve and conserve Regina’s intangible cultural heritage; e.g., languages, traditions, stories.

·     Support communities to create collaborative strategies to address hunger and food security as well as access to housing.

·      Increase accessibility to sport and recreation activities and resources, including sporting events and celebrations.

·    Improve awareness and access to arts and cultural activity and resources; e.g., artistic practices, cultural spaces, cultural industries.

·     Strengthen development of safe neighbourhoods through community activities and resources.

·      Support community initiatives that address the recreation aspirations of our diverse community.

·    Animate the city’s public spaces.

·     Support organizations that represent First Nations, Métis, Inuit people, new Canadians, residents with disabilities and citizens who are marginalized to build a welcoming and socially inclusive community.

·      Promote active and healthy lifestyles among children and youth.

·    Reflect the cultural aspirations of newcomers, First Nations, Métis and Inuit people. 


·      Support community initiatives that encourage multi-season use of open space.

·    Strengthen the cultural community through meaningful partnerships between organizations.




The Community Investments Grant Program funds organizations through different grants, each with its own guidelines, application form and timelines:

Community Partner grant - Up to four years of core operation and core program funding to organizations that play a strategic and essential role in Regina related to one of the funding streams.

Annual Activity grant - recurring or ongoing activities for Major (up to $30,000) and/or Minor (up to $10,000) funding related to one of the funding streams.

New Initiatives grant - one time or first time initiatives for Major (up to $30,000) and/or Minor (up to $10,000) funding related to one of the funding streams.


Special Events - Majorone time and first time events that celebrate, preserve and enhance Regina’s identity by commemorating notable people, places and events, symbols and 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 100th anniversaries; or local events that promote the values of citizenship and identity on Canada Day, National Aboriginal Day, Remembrance Day and Saint Jean Baptiste Day; or reoccuring events that have an established history of City of Regina service support (e.g., transit services).

Special Events - Minor - Funding for organizations up to $5,000 for new or unique one-time events that contribute to building community pride and encouraging community interaction and spirit.

Hosting - Funding for organizations up to $10,000 for sanctioned amateur championship events at the provincial, Western Canadian, national or international level being held in Regina.

Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program - Funding for initiatives that assist in the development of sport, culture and recreation programs. The City administers this grant on behalf of Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund.