Transit Services

The City of Regina’s Transit Department provides safe, reliable, affordable and accessible transportation in support of Council’s vision for inclusiveness, accessibility, affordability and environmental sustainability. You can view the most current schedules, detours, paratransit service, and various other transit related items on this website.


Good Friday Service

Transit service will be provided on Good Friday, April 3. Service will be provided using the Sunday routes and schedules. Regular weekday service will resume on Monday, April 6.

Paratransit service will be provided on Good Friday, April 3. Service hours will be from 12 noon - 10 pm. Regular hours will be provided on Monday, April 6.

Google Maps Trip Planner

Google Maps Trip Planner is a user-friendly transit planner that provides an intuitive way to plan your trip by bus. Click here to see a helpful video on how to use Google Transit

To plan your trip with Google Transit click here


Check out or download the CityApp now to get real-time schedule information or text your bus stop number to 306-596-6136 to receive the next bus at your stop.

Regina Transit


Regina Transit provides transportation for Regina residents and visitors through a regularly scheduled, fixed-route transit system.

View bus schedules
Ride Regina Transit using the schedules, route maps, and detour information found here or call 306-777-RIDE (306-777-7433).
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R-Card Information
A listing of all sales agents and their hours of operation.                                                                       more »

Choose your fare
Transit is an economical way to get around whether you participate in the Employer Pass Program or use exact cash fare, buy bus rides, monthly passes, or a senior annual pass for your fare
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Check our notices, promotions & tips
Learn about lost and found, Campus Express, Ding in the New Year, trip tips and other transit promotions.
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Discover Regina Transit's history
Regina Transit is Saskatchewan’s oldest public transportation service and celebrated 100 years of service in 2011.
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Charter a bus
Consider Regina Transit when chartering buses for your next special event.
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Contact Regina Transit
Call, fax or e-mail Regina Transit with your comments or questions or if you’ve lost an item while riding transit.
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Regina Paratransit Service

Regina Paratransit provides transportation to persons with disabilities who are unable to use the public fixed-route transit. The service is a scheduled, shared ride, door-to-door service. View the Policy and Procedure Guide here.

Register for Regina Paratransit Service
Learn if you qualify for paratransit service and how to submit your application form.
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Book your trip
Regina Paratransit operates under a priority booking system. Learn about hours of operation, how trips are scheduled and how to book a trip over the phone.
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Check Paratransit fares
Find out how much it costs to ride Regina Paratransit and if attendants ride free.
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Travel on Paratransit
Read these tips to make your trip as easy as possible.
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Read Regina Paratransit's latest newsletter
Keep up to date on important news and notices.
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Discover Paratransit's proud history
Regina Paratransit Service has served Queen City residents for over 30 years.
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Contact Regina Paratransit Service
Call, fax or e-mail Regina Paratransit Service with your comments or questions
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