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Agribition Express Shuttle Buses

Catch a ride on the Agribition Express! The Agribition Express is a shuttle bus program, providing you a ride to and from your vehicle parked at Northgate Mall, Southland Mall, or Victoria Square Mall to Evraz Place for only $3 in coin each way. You must pay by coin as no paper bills are accepted.  R-Cards will not be accepted. There is no charge for children aged 4 and under.

Shuttle Pick Up Locations (Marked by Red Dot):

Northgate Mall

Southland Mall

Victoria Square Mall

Benefits of Riding on the Agribition Express:

  • No more walking in the cold
  • No lineups at the gate
  • FREE gate admission!

Daily Hours:
The Agribition Express will run continuously between 10:00 AM and 6:30 PM as well as after the evening entertainment Tuesday through Saturday.