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U-Pass Bus Route Changes

The University of Regina Student’s Union is partnering with the City of Regina to implement a universal bus pass (U-Pass) in the fall 2016 semester. Regina Transit will implement route changes and service additions to accommodate students and riders around the City.

The routes with service and route changes are:

This service will start August 28, 2016. Routes and schedules will be available in early August.


New Audible Stop Announcement System

Beginning Monday, January 18, the new audible stop announcement system will be active on conventional transit buses. These audible stop announcements particularly benefit riders with low vision and those new to the transit system. The audible system will announce each upcoming stop along the route.

Transit properties across Canada are installing audible stop announcement systems on conventional buses to make their transit service more user-friendly and accessible to customers with disabilities.

If you have questions regarding the audible stop announcemnts please call Service Regina at 306-777-7000.