Tree & Yard Care

Amur tree amongst blooming flowers at Legislative GroundsRegina was established on a treeless grass prairie. Today, our urban forest creates a lush green canopy for all to enjoy. It is everyone's responsibility to take care of our urban forest so future generations can enjoy trees as we do today.

City Tree Pruning Schedule 2017

The following tree pruning schedule is dependent on weather and unforeseen circumstances.  Please check back frequently for updates. The Tree pruning map below may be useful as well.

Schedule for April 21 to April 28 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m

- 2000 to 2300 blocks McDonald Street

- 2100 to 2300 blocks Mackay Street

- 2100 to 2200 block Francis Street

- 2300 block Harvey Street

- 300 block east 14th Avenue

- 400 block east 15th Avenue

- Froom Crescent

- 1200 block Rothwell Street

- 14th Avenue, from Borden Street to Froom Crescent

- Dixon Crescent

- Cushing Crescent

- Labelle Place

- 2100 to 2200 block Park Street, east side

*Note: Roads where pruning crews are working will be blocked off for safety reasons. We appreciate your patience.