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If you are a classroom, workplace or community group interested in a presentation or workshop about waste reduction and diversion, recycling, composting or anything waste related, please complete the request form. Presentations and workshops are booked on a first-come, first serve basis and are dependent on staff availability.

Workplace and Community Group Presentations and Workshops

Backyard Composting

Learn how you can send your waste to a better place by composting! Get tips on reducing the amount of food waste your home produces, how to build an outdoor composter, and what material you can compost, along with a list of trouble-shooting tips.

Blue Cart Recycling Program

Why is it important to recycle the right stuff? Take our waste and recycling sorting challenge and see if you’re a super sorter. Learn what happens to your recyclables inside the Blue Cart.

Regina Recycles! Roam and Explore Stations

Attendees (children and families) will explore different recycling stations set up by the City of Regina staff. Games and activities can include:

  • Find out what happens to your garbage, and where it goes after it leaves your home.
  • How do you reduce, reuse and recycle? Participants will create a reminder bracelet to take home.
  • Take our waste and recycling sorting challenge and see if you're a super sorter!
  • See recyclable materials in their various stages. See and touch the products and learn what happens when they are recycled.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt to solve waste and recycling trivia.


Elementary and High School Presentations for Classrooms 

The City of Regina also offers the following school age presentations based on the Saskatchewan Science Curriculum:

Cooking with the Compost Chef

Send your waste to a better place. Instead of putting food scraps in the garbage, why not turn them into delicious food for plants and gardens? The Compost Chef will show you the steps of “cooking” compost and participants will create a recipe to encourage waste reduction in the kitchen.
Age/Grade Group: Grade One | Science Outcomes


Hazardous Waste Heroes

What is hazardous waste? Why should we keep it out of the garbage and recycling? Learn with our Hazardous Waste Hero about hazardous waste and what to do with it. Let’s all keep the environment clean and safe!
Age/Grade Group: Grade Two | Science Outcomes


3Rrrs Pirate Treasure Hunt

Let’s go on an adventure! Follow the map through the stages of the 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle to locate the treasure at the end. Participants will also create a poem or rap all about the 3Rrrs!
Age/Grade Group: Grade Four | Science Outcomes


Trash Tracker

Follow your recycling! What happens in a Materials Recovery Facility? What do recycled items become? Through hands-on activities, participants will learn the journey of recycling and why it is important to recycle the right stuff.
Age/Grade Group: Grade Five | Science Outcomes


Life of a Landfill

What is a landfill? Why should we care about where our garbage goes? Participants will determine what to do when a new landfill is required and what to do when a landfill needs to be closed.
Age/Grade Group: Grade Seven | Science Outcomes


Waste: Here, There and Beyond

Everyone creates waste, but what happens here in Regina? What about across Canada? Do we all manage garbage and recycling the same way? Participants will learn why it is important to manage waste through case studies and discussions.
Age/Grade Group: Science 10 | Science Outcomes


The Boardroom

You’re hired! Pitch an idea to offer a unique type of service or invention that will get Regina residents excited about waste! Participants will learn about the City of Regina’s waste and recycling programs and offer creative new ideas.
Age/Grade Group: Environment 20 | Science Outcomes