Image of the City of Regina

Spring Melt Q & A

Weather conditions always have significant impact on the timing of spring melt.

The spring runoff will have two parts.

  • First, melting within Regina could result in a heavy runoff throughout the city.
  • Second, runoff from east of the city will flow along Wascana Creek, impacting low-lying areas along the creek.

Typically the snow in the city melts and drains away before melt water from east of Regina passes through the city. You can stay updated on the situation by checking or the City’s Facebook page.

Part 1 – Residential runoff

Q: What is the City’s plan for spring runoff?

  • The City’s plan includes clearing ice/snow from curbside drains, or catch basins, clearing drainage ditches and opening frozen drains.
  • Snow removal has been done to create drainage paths in areas that historically have had spring melt drainage challenges.
  • Gradually sloped grassed permanent berms have been installed in several parks (i.e. Les Sherman, Rotary Park) to protect these areas. These were previously areas that required sandbag berms to be built to ward off creek flooding.
  • If necessary, temporary pumping services are provided if localized ponding causes safety and/or property damage issues.

Q: When does the City anticipate residential runoff to occur?

A: Typically the city snow will melt by the end of March or early April.

Q: How can I prepare for potential spring flooding?
  • Clear neighbourhood catch basins to help water drain.
  • Shovel or remove snow from around your home, moving it so when it melts, it drains away from the foundation.
  • Make a path in the ice/snow to allow melted water to drain away.
  • Ensure downspouts are extended so they discharge rain or melted water at least two meters away from the foundation.
  • Check to make sure your sump pump is working. If you don’t have a sump pump, consider installing one. Contact a plumber for assistance if required.
  • Consider installing a mainline sewer backwater valve to protect against sewer backup.
  • Keep basement sewer caps in place.
  • Check your basement regularly for signs of water and consider installing a water-sensing alarm.

Q: Will there be traffic restrictions or closures?

A: There could be temporary restrictions at various road locations where catch basins are not taking water. The City will steam or jet the catch basin to get the water moving. Residents can ensure the City of Regina is aware of problem locations by calling 306-777-7000.

Part 2 – Wascana Creek

Q: How serious is the anticipated flow event?

A: Wascana Creek could overflow into low-lying flood plain areas adjacent to the creek. Saskatchewan Watershed Authority predicts near normal run off for the Regina area. We do not anticipate above normal flows in the creek.

Q: Are there safety concerns?

A: Yes, residents are reminded to stay away from storm channels, Wascana Lake and Wascana Creek. While thin ice is always a potential hazard, during the runoff event there will be fast flowing water with undertows.

Q: How does this year compare to others?

A: The 2015 runoff is projected to be near normal.