Image of the City of Regina

Spring preparations

City of Regina crews are busy preparing for spring. The following is an update on the status of these activities and what residents can do to help:


City crews began patching potholes in January and will continue throughout the spring into construction season. 

Potholes are repaired by road priority first and then systematically similar to winter road maintenance operations. This means we focus our efforts first on the safety of the high-speed and arterial roads and then the local road network.  Main streets, bus routes and high traffic volume streets receive a higher priority. 

Until the temperature is warm enough for a permanent repair, potholes are temporarily patched with cold mix asphalt. Once the construction season begins, crews will use hot asphalt for a longer-term repair.

Catch basins

Crews are currently working 7 days a week until the end of March opening blocked catch basins and thawing frozen catch basins.
Homeowners can keep sidewalks, gutters and the area around catch basins free of snow, ice and debris to provide a clear path for melting ice and snow to enter the storm drainage system.  Residents are encouraged to help keep their neighbourhood catch basins clear. In most cases, blocked catch basins can be opened by chipping ice away.

Spring Street Sweep

Boulevard and street sweeping typically begin in April and takes about eight weeks to complete. The main arterials will be completed first followed by the neighbourhood streets and roads. Street sweeping could be delayed depending on weather conditions.

Drivers are reminded that signage will be posted in advance indicating when the clean up will occur.  Please watch for the signs and do not to park in a no-parking zone or your vehicle could be ticketed ($100) and towed.  Do not park in these areas until all signs have been removed. The sweep schedule will be posted on in early April.

Home Flood Protection

The City reminds residents the following tips can help them stay dry this spring:

  • Clear neighbourhood catch basins to help water drain.
  • Shovel or remove snow from around the home and move it so it will drain away from the foundation.
  • Clear channels in the ice/snow to allow melt water to drain away.
  • Ensure downspouts are extended so they discharge rain or meltwater at least two metres away from the foundation.
  • Check to make sure the sump pump is working. If you don’t have a sump pump, consider installing one. Contact a plumber for assistance, if required.
  • Consider installing a mainline sewer backwater valve to protect against sewer backup.
  • Keep basement sewer caps in place.
  • Check basements regularly for signs of water and consider installing a water-sensing alarm.


The City advises residents to stay safe and keep their children away from lakes, creeks and storm channels during thin ice conditions. It is also important to keep dogs on a leash when close to bodies of water. During the spring melt, there may fast flowing water and undertows. Debris and hidden dangers in the water are added hazards. Spring runoff water is very cold and could cause hypothermia and paralysis within minutes.

If you see anyone, especially children, playing on the ice or near dangerous water, call the Regina Police Service at 306-777-6500. In case of emergency, call 9-1-1.

For more information or to report a blocked catch basin or to locate your catch basin, visit or call 306-777-7000.