Wastewater Treatment Plant

Regina Wastewater Treatment Plant is substantially complete

Monday, December 19, 2016WWTP90

Construction of Regina’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is substantially complete and all new process systems are now in service. The final stages of commissioning are nearly finished with the plant currently undergoing performance testing.

“With the help of our P3 partners, the City of Regina delivered this project on time and under budget,” commented Mayor Fougere. “With a transparent process, a great partner in EPCOR, and a wonderful project team we have achieved exactly what we set out to do. I couldn’t be more impressed with the effort and results achieved by our staff through this complicated and challenging process.”

An additional $6 million has been saved as a result of a contingency budget for the construction of the plant that was not required.

“Delivering this plant through a P3 is an innovative approach that has drawn interest and accolades from across North America,” said Mayor Fougere. “We thank the federal government and EPCOR for their partnership on this project.”

“The federal government’s central focus is the economy – investing in the most effective drivers of jobs and growth, bolstering the middle class and all those working hard just to get there, and battling inequality. Crucial to this plan are investments in infrastructure,” said Ralph Goodale, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety. “That is why we have more than doubled the federal budget for investment in the coming decade.”

“The upgrade at the plant completed by EPCOR and our partners, will improve the health of the aquatic system and watershed of Wascana Creek, while accommodating the City of Regina’s future growth,” stated Stuart Lee, EPCOR President & CEO. “We are proud of our role in the upgrade and our ability to provide safe and reliable service to the City for the duration of our 30-year contract.”

The plant upgrades and new construction, completed by EPCOR and its partners, enables the City of Regina to meet the province’s effluent requirements set to take effect on January 1, 2017 and will accommodate community growth and improve the water quality for downstream communities.

“Over time we will continue to save taxpayers millions of dollars and have a plant that will be well managed and deliver a high-quality treatment through the entire length of our partnership,” added Mayor Fougere.

To keep track of the progress at the construction site, a webcam will be taking frequent photos that are available at EPCOR.com and Regina.ca.

Project Highlights

June 2014 - Excavation begins (Early Works)
July 2014 – Project agreement signed
August 2014 – EPCOR begins plant operations
August 2014 – Greenfield site excavations complete
October 2014 – Two tower cranes erected
November 2014 – Bioreactor base slabs complete

March 2015 - Grit Removal Tanks construction begins

June 2015 - Secondary Clarifiers construction begins
November 2015 – Grit Removal Tanks construction complete

March 2016 – UV system in service
April 2016 – New BNR & Secondary Clarifiers begin operations
August 2016 – Secondary Clarifiers construction complete
September 2016 – Digested Sludge Tank erected
October 2016 – Biogas System in service
December 2016 – Substantial completion

Construction Statistics

145 – Peak trade workforce reached In April 2015
685,000 – Total construction hours worked from July 2014 – December 2016
3000 – Safety meetings
0 – Lost time injuries during the 30-month construction period

12,000 – Metres of cable installed for the main electrical system
275,000 – Cubic metres of soil excavated
1,775,000 - Kilograms of reinforced steel bar installed at the plant
8,000 – Metres of electrical conduit installed at the plant


Need to upgrade

The City of Regina must build a new wastewater treatment plant to meet new environmental regulations. This is one of our largest and most complex capital projects to date. A new plant is essential so we can:

  • Protect public health and our environment,
  • Improve water quality for downstream residents and businesses, and
  • Meet the needs of our growing population.

Regina has a long history of environmental stewardship and responsible wastewater treatment. A new plant will protect Wascana Creek and the Qu’Appelle River system


What Service EPCOR Provides to Regina Citizens

EPCOR will be building and operating the wastewater treatment plant as part of this contract.  EPCOR should be contacted for any concerns related to construction and operation of the facility by calling 1-844-412-3458 (toll free).

Find additional EPCOR information.

Citizens should continue to contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000 for any billing inquiries related to their sewage bill, sewage backup, flooding or drainage concerns, water service or water quality issues.