Image of the City of Regina

Property Taxes In Arrears

If you have not paid your property taxes in full by June 29, the outstanding amount is subject to a late payment penalty of 1.25% per month. (This does not apply if you participate in the TIPPS program.)

If your taxes are unpaid after December 31, your property will be declared in arrears and the penalty increases to 1.5% per month. As well, your property's address and outstanding amount will be included in a Leader Post advertisement of tax accounts in arrears in accordance with the Tax Enforcement Act.

If your tax account is still in arrears by April, the City of Regina will register a tax lien on your property. This action gives the City the authority, under the Tax Enforcement Act, to pursue taking title of your property. The City also has the right to pursue collection options under The Cities Act, including any or all of the following:

  • Civil action
  • Seizures of rent
  • Seizures of goods and chattels

Tax payments when appealing your assessment

You still must pay your taxes in full by June 29, even if you are appealing your assessment.

If your assessment changes after the appeal process, any extra tax you paid will be credited to your property tax account and may be refunded.