Image of the City of Regina

Calculating Property Tax

The taxation year (City’s fiscal year) is the same as the calendar year - January 1 to December 31.

The property tax calculation is shown in the following formula:

Taxable Assessment

Taxing Authorities

Municipal Levy = Taxable Assessment × Municipal Mill Rate × Mill Rate Factor ÷ 1000
Library Levy = Taxable Assessment × Library Mill Rate × Mill Rate Factor ÷ 1000
School Levy = Taxable Assessment × School Mill Rate ÷ 1000

Net Levy

Net Levy = Municipal Levy + Library Levy + School Levy

Your property tax bill can also include the following:

  • laneway charges
  • local improvement levies
  • outstanding account balances
  • Business Improvement District Tax
  • costs incurred by the City to do bylaw work related to untidy/unsightly land, noxious weeds, junked vehicles, or fire damage
  • phase-in adjustments (commercial and industrial class properties only)

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