Image of the City of Regina

Inspections by Assessors

The City of Regina follows a regular inspection program of the properties it assesses. Assessors visit properties in Regina to update the City's records relating to properties characteristics and building(s).

An Assessor may also visit and assess a property when:

  • a property owner requests that an Assessor inspect their property.
  • a property's assessment is being appealed. The City's Assessment Branch may inspect the property to review issues raised in the appeal.
  • a building permit has been issued for the property, which may require an inspection.

All City of Regina Assessors carry photo identification with them and will show it to you upon request. During an inspection, Assessors may examine both the interior and exterior of any buildings on your property. If the Assessors cannot view a building's interior, they may leave a letter asking the property owner to contact the Assessment Branch or make inferences based on information obtained from viewing properties from the outside.