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Income and Expense Information Requests

In order to ensure that property assessments are accurate and up-to-date, the City of Regina gathers data under the authority of The Cities Act. This request for information is made under the authority of Section 171 of The Cities Act.  Legislation states that assessment appraisers “may, at any time, request any information or document that relates to or might relate to the value of any property (land & improvements) from any person who owns, uses, occupies, manages or disposes of the property”.           

The Act also contains provisions that enable assessment appraisers to request information or documentation that relates to the income generated or expected to be generated by any property, as well as the property expenses incurred or expected to be incurred.

Information Provided by Property Owners

In addition to the Owner Contact Information and the Certification page, all Commercial and Multi-family properties must provide an annual Income and Expense Statement. Properties that are leased or rented must also provide detailed Rent Roll information.

For convenience, property owners may submit this information in their own format, such as reports from a computer system, as long as they have provided a complete response to the request.

City of Regina assessment personnel are available to answer your questions or to provide assistance in filling out the forms. You can contact us at 306-777-7929 or email Please indicate that your inquiry is regarding an "Income and Expense Information Request".


The City of Regina recognizes that information required may be personal, confidential or sensitive. Steps have been taken to ensure that information is kept secure and confidential in accordance with confidentiality provisions in Section 171 of The Cities Act and other legislation. Assessment appraisers who acquire or have access to this kind of information must keep that information confidential, and may not use it or disclose it for purposes other than to determine the value of any property.

All personal information collected on these forms is handled and maintained in accordance with the City of Regina's Customer Privacy Policy.


Property owners are responsible for providing income and expense information, as well as any additional information required by the City, on or before June 30 of each year.

The City may also send a letter each year reminding property owners to comply with the request. The Cities Act requires a response within 30 days of the request for information and sets out penalties for non-compliance. Section 172 of The Cities Act provides that anyone who fails to provide the information requested or provides false information is liable on summary conviction to a fine and to dismissal of an assessment appeal.

To view or print a copy of the Income & Expense request for information that was sent to property owners, click here.