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Notice of Assessment & Assessment Roll

Updated annually, the Assessment Roll is a listing of all assessments for all properties in Regina. The Roll lists:

  • property address, account number, assessed parcel description
  • property assessed value (assessment)
  • property taxable assessment
  • percentage of exempt assessment
  • percentage of taxable assessment
  • school support
  • provincial percentage/property class/subclass

You can view property assessments online or by visiting the 4th floor of City Hall weekdays during office hours (8 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.)

Difference between Assessment Roll & your Notice of Assessment

The Assessment Roll lists assessments for all properties in Regina. 

A Notice of Assessment is an official document mailed to a property owner that contains the information shown on the Assessment Roll for that property.

During a reassessment year, every property owner will receive a Notice of Assessment. In other years, only property owners that have a change in their property assessment or tax status from the previous year will receive a Notice of Assessment.

Importance of Assessment Roll and Notice of Assessment

You should review the information shown on your Notice of Assessment or the annual Assessment Roll to review:

  • if your name, address and school support are correct
  • that all parties registered on the title are shown on the Notice of Assessment
  • your property's assessed value 

If you have questions about your assessed value, contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000 (Option 2) to inquire how your assessment was calculated. If after speaking to an Assessor you feel there is an error in your assessment, you can file an appeal during the 30 days the Assessment Roll is open for inspection.