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2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results

We asked and residents have spoken.

The 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey gauged how residents feel about the City, including municipal services, taxation and communications.

  • 78% of Reginans rate the quality of life in Regina as good
  • 80% believe the City is on track to be a better city 10 years from now
  • 67% believe the City is a good fiscal steward
  • Only 14% feel they're getting low value for their tax dollars
  • 59% support increasing taxes to maintain or increase service

We are proud to hear scores like these.

To represent Reginans effectively on municipal matters, Council and City Administration must facilitate a constant exchange of ideas and information.

Current results tell a rather positive story about the City. Regina is on the right track.

But when 43% of respondents say they trust the City while 26% are neutral about trusting us, we hear that loud and clear.

All of the results have something to tell us about where we can go, but we have to set some achievable targets.

We will focus on three key areas to enhance satisfaction while helping to raise the level of trust Reginans’ have in their municipal government:

  1. Improving customer service
  2. Better informing and engaging residents – particularly on how property tax dollars are allocate
  3. Improving accountability and reporting

How are we going to do this?

First, by staying the course: results do affirm priorities already in place.

Then, by focusing and monitoring targeted efforts in those three areas.
Survey data is being integrated with other key performance indicators to influence corporate planning. Results have been communicated across the organization to engage employees on how to improve resident satisfaction. Our effort to achieve targeted improvements is a collective one

Council has also been briefed so they can more accurately reflect residents’ sentiments.

And, we see sharing results with residents as a critical part of the process.

Review the highlights package and full survey results. Share them with others.