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2009 Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results

Regina residents continue to give high ratings to services and overall quality of life in the city, according to survey results released today.

Residents gave seven of 10 services positive ratings:

  • fire protection (4.19 out of 5)
  • parks and green space (3.99 out of 5)
  • garbage collection (3.97 out o f 5) receiving the highest ratings.

Ratings for most services are consistent with 2008 results.

Quality of life ratings also continue to be high. Residents gave the overall quality of life in Regina a rating of 3.86. Three-quarters of respondents rated quality of life ositively, while less than five per cent rated it negatively.

Residents also gave the City of Regina a positive rating of 3.09 for value for tax dollar, up slightly from 2008.

“These survey results help us measure City programs and services to ensure we are meeting the needs of Regina residents,” Mayor Pat Fiacco said. “Overall we are pleased that residents are satisfied with services and their quality of life in Regina. Where there are concerns, we will use this information to make improvements and work with citizens and our partners to increase quality of life for everyone.”

Just over 27 per cent of residents said “crime and policing” was the most important public issue facing Regina today, while “roads and sidewalks” was mentioned as the top issue by 22.9 per cent of respondents. “Housing and affordability” was the top issue for 15.4 per cent of residents, down from 21 per cent in 2008.

The City uses information from the survey for performance measurement, program evaluation and strategic planning purposes. The 2009 Summer Survey replaces the annual “Omnibus” survey. The City is changing its public opinion research practices to better fit within the annual planning cycle.

To view the full 2009 omnibus summer survey click here.