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Canadian Response to a Pandemic

The Public Health Agency of Canada will determine when to declare a pandemic in Canada.

Experts believe that pandemic influenza could reach Canada within 3 months of being detected anywhere in the world. When a suspected pandemic strain emerges, WHO will provide Canada with an early warning so national vaccine production can begin.

Once the Public Health Agency of Canada declares a pandemic, the Federal government will be responsible for the nationwide coordination of the pandemic influenza response, including:

  • Surveillance and tracking of the pandemic
  • International liaison with other countries affected
  • Coordination of the vaccine response within Canada

The Public Health Agency of Canada, in partnership with the provinces and territories, established an Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan . The plan ensures appropriate steps are taken to protect Canadians, and that an influenza vaccine will be available to Canadians at the earliest possible time once one is produced.  For more information, visit