Image of the City of Regina

City of Regina's Response to a Pandemic

Although the City of Regina has a detailed Emergency Operations Plan to use in response to any disaster, the City’s Pandemic Planning Committee is also preparing a plan specifically for a pandemic.

The plan will ensure the City’s can maintain critical services during a pandemic including:

  • street and road maintenance
  • solid waste collection and disposal (i.e., garbage)
  • water supply and distribution
  • sewage disposal
  • traffic control
  • cemetery service
  • maintenance of City-owned facilities
  • transit services
  • fire suppression and rescue
  • police services
  • financial services

The City’s response in each of these areas will be based on the type of work required in each season and priority needs decided by the Pandemic Planning Committee.

The City may also be called upon to support the emergency response effort of the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region and follow-up with recovery plans.