Image of the City of Regina

Impact of Climate Change in Regina

On the prairies, while we can expect to have milder winters on average, as a result of climate change we can also expect:

  • more frequent severe weather events (example: ice storms, tornadoes, heavy snowfalls)
  • wetter springs
  • drier summers
  • different pests and diseases
  • more extremely hot summer days (+40°C)

These changes will impact the health of those in our community as different diseases move in and swelteringly hot summer days cause problems for people, especially the elderly, the very young, and the ill. As well, we may have to look at planting different species of plants in our yards and public spaces in order to adapt to the new conditions. The quality and quantity of our water may also be affected by heat waves.

The City of Regina as a corporation will need to look at how some of these changes may influence municipal operations including:

  • preparation for storm events
  • impact on road surfaces
  • planning for water quality issues under various conditions, like severe drought

For more information about the effects of climate change, visit the Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC), Environment Canada or Natural Resources Canada.