Image of the City of Regina

Proposed 15th Avenue Bikeway

The City of Regina is working to create an interconnected, on-street bikeway system to help commuter and leisure cyclists travel through the city. The proposed 15th Avenue Bikeway  provides an east-west connection into the downtown and is recommended in the Downtown Neighbourhood Plan as a way to create a safe and efficient way to bike downtown. Route Overview Below are some typical cross sections from the bikeway . Sharrows indicate to the cyclist the position they should be travelling in the road. Benefits of a bikeway along 15th Avenue: - Provides an east-west connection into the downtown for cyclists - 15th Avenue converted from one-way to two-way traffic - Connects to Smith and Lorne Street bikeways and the Devonian   pathway

Why 15th Avenue? 15th Avenue is a preferred route based on public surveys and detailed analysis. It is one of the longest low-volume streets in the City of Regina and provides a connection to the downtown.

When would the bikeway be implemented? In late summer or early fall 2009.

How will the bikeway impact driving and parking along 15th Avenue? There will be two-way vehicle travel on 15th between Pasqua and Broad Street (including the section between Broad and Albert Street which is presently one-way westbound). Successfully incorporating bike lanes means balancing the needs of cyclists along with the need for parking. In cases where the road is wide enough, parking will be maintained, in other cases parking has been reallocated.

How will drivers know a bikeway is in place? Signs and pavement markings will be installed to make people aware of the new bikeway.

Will there be construction? The 15th Avenue bikeway can be implemented by changing lane markings and adding signs. No construction is necessary.