Image of the City of Regina

How the City can help with your shoot

The City of Regina assists film production companies by restricting parking, also referred to as bagging meters, temporarily closing streets, etc. Information on how to submit payment will be located on your invoice.

Street Closures If your shoot will disrupt traffic you must contact the Traffic Division 14 days in advance of the requested closure date, to discuss your project. If permission is granted, the Traffic Division will request that you complete a Temporary Street Use Permit and return to their office. This permit is in addition to a Civic Film Permit.

Temporary Street Use Permits are issued at various rates: (Minimum of $20 per permit) Parking lane, sidewalk or boulevard: $0.10/m2/day Driving lane or alley: $0.15/m2/day Metered parking lane: $0.45/m2/day

Meter Bagging To reserve a parking meter, you must apply at least two days ahead to the Traffic Division to arrange this service.

To reserve a meter, you will be charged a one-time fee plus $10 a day per meter for a regular parking meter and $20 a day for a loading zone meter.

For information on street closures and meter bagging, contact Service Regina at 306-777-7000 or apply online.

Traffic Signs Any signs necessary for controlling traffic are the responsibility of the applicant.

Fire Equipment Film companies can request the use of fire vehicles and equipment or request a street wet down. Should Fire Department staff need to work outside of city limits, or beyond regular work hours, film companies are changed for this service.

Special effects involving the combustion of materials require permission from the Regina Fire Department.

Use of fire equipment or services must be arranged directly with the Deputy Fire Chief, 306-777-7872.

Regina Police Service equipment and services

For use of Regina Police Service property, such as buildings, cars, or staff, contact the Regina Police Service directly at 306-777-6500.