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Follow these guidelines when on location

Movie clapboardTo ensure a good relationship between residents and your film, television or video production company, you must follow these guidelines below.

  • Notify residents and businesses directly impacted by the filming in writing, at least two business days prior to filming.
    • A copy of the notification must be submitted to Central Scheduling.
    • The notification letter, on your company letterhead, must include:
      • The title of the production, contact information for the production office and brief details on the project;
      • Dates and times crews will be working in the area with a description of what the crew will be doing;
      • Impacts to the neighbourhood including street closures, parking, noise and lights from the lighting set.
      • Where your production vehicles are permitted to park, including any closures, detours or after hours filming that may affect the area; and
      • The name and phone number of the location manager and the assistant location manager;
  • Place signage in the area where filming is taking place to advise the public. Filming involving loud special effects, gunfire, etc. requires a larger notification area.
  • Ensure your staff act in a safe and professional manner. This includes refraining from trespassing, littering, lewd or improper language or dress.
  • Take care that vehicle and generator exhausts and spill over lighting do not negatively affect residents and businesses. The safety of the public and enjoyment of their property should not be jeopardized.
  • Ensure your production crews clean up and restore the location to its original condition at the end of filming unless otherwise directed by the City of Regina.