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Filming in my Neighbourhood

The City of Regina and the film industry acknowledges the disruption caused in your neighbourhood and thanks you in advance for your patience and cooperation, and for your support of the local film industry. To help you prepare, here is a list of what to expect when filming activities are taking place in your neighbourhood or when a film company wants to film on your property.

What to Expect

When film productions arrive at their filming site, they often come with a lot of people, trucks and equipment. Although the City of Regina works with film companies to limit the potential impact in your neighbourhood, it can often be somewhat invasive and require some changes in your daily routine.

This may require that pedestrian and vehicle access in your area be limited, before, during and after filming. There can also be major street closures, intermittent traffic control, traffic and pedestrian delays, parking restrictions, increased noise, and additional light from the set lighting.

Vehicles, Equipment & Film Crew

Film productions use a variety of vehicles to transport their equipment and their crew, from small pick-up trucks and vans to large cube-trucks and 18-wheelers. This fleet of vehicles is called the “circus” trucks or “circus” and they can cause additional noise and increased traffic in your area. They bring cameras and lighting gear, set decors and first aid equipment and park close to the set. Larger vehicles such as hair, makeup, wardrobe and actors trailers and support vehicles are usually parked further away to allow for public parking.

Lighting sets vary from a few lights on tripods to lifts and cranes that hoist large lights up to a hundred feet in the air. Camera equipment can also be handheld, on stationary tripods, rolling along a length of track, or on lifts. Equipment is often operated with electricity produced by power generators brought on site. Look-out for power cables laid-out between trucks and equipment.

Crew size can range from just a few people to a hundred, and are governed by the Regina code of conduct for film cast and crew members. Film productions also provide security personal on the site and around the parameter to oversee the security of the crew, the equipment and the vehicles, and to answer questions from the public regarding the event.

Filming Hours

Regular filming hours are from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., as per the Noise Abatement Bylaw #6980 (loud, unnecessary or unusual noises are prohibited between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.) Special requests to film outside of these hours may be approved by the City of Regina. Extensive requests require the provision of a signature survey that confirms that at least 50 percent of the surrounding residents and property owners are in agreement with that request. A regular “filming” day is about 15 hours long, from the time of arrival to the time of departure. Note that film crew members are required to be considerate of potential noise pollution in residential neighbourhoods at all times.

Public Notice

Film productions are required to notify property owners and residents to be impacted by the proposed filming, in writing, through a public notice. This notice includes a brief description of the filming activity, how it will impact your neighbourhood, a detailed map with times and locations, and contact information. The notice must be distributed door-to-door at least 48 hours before the beginning of the event. It must also be displayed in the area where filming will be taking place at least 24 hours before the event, and distributed to the passing or visiting public during the event whenever requested

As a property owner and/or resident of that neighbourhood, you are encouraged to contact the production company if you have any questions, concerns or needs in regards to their filming activities. As a guest in your neighbourhood, they are required to accommodate any reasonable request you may have.

Signature Survey

Filming outside of the filming hours, repeated filming at a single location or in a specific area, excessive and unusual noises (e.g.: gun shots, explosions, jack hammer, etc.) and filming that is particularly invasive to an area, will be allowed only if the majority of property owners and residents in that area are in agreement.

To do so, film companies must gather signatures using the signature survey form. This process is also called “polling” and your participation is voluntary. Permission for filming will be granted based on the results and the applicant’s ability to accommodate the needs and concerns identified by the surveyed group. Filming in non-residential areas, industrial areas, and on major transportation corridors usually does NOT need such a survey.

Observing a Film Shoot

The public may at times be welcome to observe the filming activity from outside the security parameters. However, cameras and any recording devices are prohibited due to the copyrights associated with film productions. In the case of high-risk stunts or pyrotechnic effects, the public may be required to leave the filming area altogether.


My Property as a Location

The provincial film office, SaskFilm, maintains a database of potential locations for film production. To register your property as a potential location, visit SaskFilm website at or call 306-798-2002 or email

If someone approaches you about using your property as a potential film location, you may also contact SaskFilm to confirm the legitimacy of that production. The City of Regina and SaskFilm have partnered to produce “Location ID’s”.  These tags identify employees of recognized film production companies.

For more information about the ID, visit

If you agree to lend your property for filming, ensure that they have insurance and that your agreement holds them responsible for all the activities on your property during the event and that it releases you of liability.

You will also need to negotiate rental fees for using your property and the logistics such as what will happen with your personal property and/or pets during filming, will there be a need for alternate accommodations, will there be alterations (painting, construction, landscaping), what areas are off-limit, and once the production is complete, what clean up will there be and how will the production handle this, etc.

Who to Contact

Contact the film company indicated on your public notice or signature survey if you have any question, concern or need in regards to the upcoming or immediate filming activities in your neighbourhood.

For questions regarding scheduling of any City of Regina property for your film shoot, contact Central Scheduling at 306-777-PLAY (7529) or

Contact the Regina Police Service to address an urgent concern during the event at 306-777-6500.