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Get approval to film

Once you have confirmed the site’s availability with the site manager and filled out an Application for Facility Recreation Use Form (if required), you must complete or obtain the following approvals/requirements:

Civic Film Application (mandatory)

A Civic Film Application confirms insurance requirements, contact information, as well as the terms and conditions of use. The City of Regina will not sign client-generated location agreements or waivers.

The permit must be signed by a representative of your company with the authority to bind your company to the terms and conditions of the permit.

Permission to proceed with filming will be provided only AFTER the City of Regina confirms the application has been completed and approved.

For all filming on civic property, please fill out the Film Permit Application.

If filming interferes with the surrounding community, businesses and residents in the vicinity of filming must be notified of the filming activity at least two business days prior to filming.  These cases may include, but are not limited to: increased noise, disruption in pedestrian or vehicular traffic, and reduced parking. The notice must be approved prior to distribution.

Proof of Insurance (mandatory)

During the term of the Agreement, the applicant must have and maintain policies of insurance, each in a form acceptable to the City's Risk Manager. Detailed information can be found in the Learn about liability insurance section.

Permission to use sites will be denied if proof of insurance is not provided.

You must notify the site manager and obtain his/her approval for any schedule changes, use of parking or utilities, accessibility issues, etc. before shooting begins.