Image of the City of Regina

Aerial Service Co. Ltd., c. 1920

Old airplane sitting in field in 1920This photograph shows the staff of the Aerial Service Co. Ltd. at their airfield in about 1920.

In 1920, Regina’s first airport opened. The Aerial Service Co. Ltd. wasn’t just the first licensed aerodrome in Regina – it was the first in Canada. Founded by 3 Royal Flying Corps veterans, Lt. Roland J. Groome, Edward Clarke and Bob McCombie, the Aerial Service Co. Ltd. was located on the corner of Hill Avenue and Cameron Street.

Lt. Groome was issued the first-ever Commercial Pilot License by the newly formed Canada Air Board in 1920 and one of the company’s Curtiss J N-4 biplanes received the first Canadian aircraft registration letters, G-CAAA. McCombie received the first Engineer’s Certificate ever issued in Canada.

In 1927, Groome and Jack Wight started Universal Air Industries and opened a second airfield where the Golden Mile Shopping Centre is now located. Land was purchased west of the city in 1927 with the intention of building a more modern airport. By 1930, the Regina Municipal Airport was officially opened at its present location and the other airfields were closed. (For more information, see Regina: The First 100 Years by William Argan with Pam Cowan and Gordon W. Staseson).