Image of the City of Regina

Here comes the bride, c. 1922

1920 bride standing in yardIn this photograph we have Mrs. Thelma Duclos, nee Duncan, posing in her parents’ yard on her wedding day. She is dressed in her wedding finery and is holding a large bouquet.

This photograph was taken in 1922 and if you look closely at it you can see many features that give away its date. Mrs. Duclos’ hair is cut in a fashionable 1920s flapper bob. The cap she is wearing under the veil and headpiece is a 1920s style flapper hat. Her skirt is a tailored fit, cut close to the body that is cut quite low and exposes a bit of her ankles. She is holding an elaborately beaded bag under her flowers, an example of the Art Deco style of design that was popularized in the interwar period. (Art Deco features elaborate, geometrically-inspired designs that embrace a linear style.)

Weddings in this time period were not necessarily the large, splashy affairs we think of today. Women often wore their best outfit regardless of colour and receptions of 10 took place at home after the wedding ceremony. In the case of Mrs. Duclos, her family documented her wedding preparations on film, so we know a bit about her wedding. She did wear a special white dress, which indicates her family was well-to-do. (Her address, which is located in what was then the well-to-do Transition area, also points to her family’s affluence.) We know from other pictures in our archives that the reception, which featured a large wedding cake and a festive meal, took place at her parents’ home, which was immaculately decorated for the occasion.