Image of the City of Regina

Fighting fire at Woolworth's, c. 1975

Firefighters battle store fire at night with water hosesIn this photograph, fire fighters battle a blaze at the Woolworth's Store, located at 2007-11th Avenue.

The first fire brigade in Regina was formed as a bucket brigade in 1884, with the first fire hall located at the rear of the Town Hall. In 1886 the bucket brigade became a Volunteer Fire Brigade. By 1906 the city had its first paid fire chief, W.A. White and its first team of horses. In 1914, after the Volunteer Fire Brigade disbanded, the Regina fire department became a fully-paid fire department.

Over its 120-year history, the Regina Fire department has: switched from horses to cars (1919); purchased self-contained breathing apparatus for fire fighters (1948); started to hire minorities (1983) and women (1995); founded a Hazardous Materials Team (1993) and a Surface Water Rescue Team (1994); and hosted the 1998 CAN-AM Police and Fire Games.

In the 1970s, when this photograph was taken, the Regina Fire Department received a new, fully automatic emergency vehicle (1973), opened the No. 5 Fire Hall (1977) and the No. 6. Fire Hall (1979) and moved into a new Headquarters and Administration building next to No. 2 Fire Hall (1979).