Image of the City of Regina

First Streetcar run, c. 1911

First Streetcar Run, 1911 - City of ReginaRegina’s first streetcar run took place on July 28, 1911. English-built wooden streetcars travelled 3 routes, 2 cars to a route.

An adult could take the streetcar for 5 cents, Monday to Saturday. The price went up to 10 cents by 1920, but during the depression years the price returned to 5 cents to encourage usage.

The streetcars were very noisy, but attempts to replace the streetcars with diesel buses failed during the war years because rubber and gas were rationed.

In 1947 trolley coaches (rubber-tired buses run on electricity) were introduced. This was discontinued in 1949, when a devastating fire destroyed the streetcar barns and 3-quarters of the rolling stock.

By 1950, the Regina Municipal Railway had changed its name to the Regina Transit System and its remaining streetcars were retired.

In 1966, its last trolley coach was de-commissioned, making Regina the first Canadian city to completely switch to diesel buses. (For more information, see Regina: The First 100 Years by William Argan with Pam Cowan and Gordon W. Staseson.)