Image of the City of Regina

Men constructing the sewer system, c. 1913

Old photo of men standing by big pipe they have just installedLike many other cities of the era, Regina suffered from epidemics of typhoid fever, scarlet fever and diphtheria because of lacklustre sanitary efforts.

Regina started construction on a sewer system in 1891. Until then, a “scavenger” went through the city streets filling his cart with refuse, which he dumped at the outskirts of town.

From 1906 to 1913, Regina engaged in a municipal service building boom, with the construction of a sewer system, a water system, a modern sewage disposal works and street paving. A city hall, a new central fire hall and a new hospital (the General Hospital) were all constructed during this period. These amenities made Regina a much more hospitable place to live for its early citizens. (For more information, see Regina: An Illustrated History by J.W. Brennan).