Image of the City of Regina

Mosaic Festival

Dancers on stage at Mosaic FestivalThe Regina Multicultural Council (RMC) was established in 1973. It replaced the Regina Folk Arts Council and the Regina Folk Arts and Cultural Council. The group functions as an umbrella organization for over 60 member groups representing 45,000 people. The mandate of the RMC is to promote multiculturalism within Regina.

For 30 years, the RMC's best-known promotional activity has been the Mosaic Festival. A yearly favourite, the festival started in 1974 as a 1-day celebration to promote multiculturalism. It has since grown into a 3-day long festival, with pavilions operating around the city. Every year, Mosaic provides an opportunity for Reginans to celebrate the diverse multicultural traditions of the city's residents. Pavilions have exhibits of artifacts, traditional dancing and food, food, food!