Image of the City of Regina

Travellers' Day Parade, ca. 1960

Band member plays instrument in Traveller's Day paradeRegina’s best-known marching band is the Regina Lions Band. The Lions Band started in 1943 when Marion Mossing, wife of Alexander Bernard Mossing, founded the group in her own home while her husband was enlisted in the armed forces during wartime.

After A.B. Mossing returned from service, he took over directorship of what was then known as the Queen City Band. Marion Mossing went shopping for a sponsor for the band. The only group that was interested was the Lions Club, so in 1946 the band officially became the Regina Junior Lions Band. Initially it was a single band with 45 members. Today it is 4 bands with over 500 members – the adult band alone has 150 members!

The Regina Lions Band has performed in both the Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade and the Miami Orange Bowl Parade. The international reputation of this marching band has also taken the band to such exotic locales as Europe, Hawaii and Japan.

One of the yearly rituals of the Regina Lions Band has been the Regina Exhibition’s annual parade. In the early days of the Regina Exhibition, the parade was known as the Travellers’ Day Parade, so named because it took place the day before the fair opened, when many out-of-town visitors travelled into Regina in anticipation of the annual gathering. Today the parade is known as the Buffalo Days Parade.