Image of the City of Regina

Wascana Lake Flood, 1915

Wascana Lake Flood, 1915 - City of ReginaRegina is not located on a very good spot when it comes to water. There was no large body of water where citizens could readily find drinking water when the town was first formed in 1882. That first year, the CPR dammed Wascana Creek in an effort to provide water for its locomotives, but the water was gone by freeze-up and the CPR needed to haul water for the rest of the winter. Wells had to be sunk to supply water for the townspeople.

It was not until 1906 when Regina built a pumping station and larger pipelines from its existing wells in Boggy Creek that the city's water supply needs were finally answered. Ironically, at the same time many areas of Regina, especially in the southeastern portion of the city, are very low-lying and prone to flooding from Wascana Creek.